Warwick New York – Chardavogne Barn

In the late 1960s, Mr. Nyland moved from New York City to Warwick, NY, where he purchased a large barn and 13 acres. There he conducted several meetings each week, had movements classes, and weekend workdays where simple physical activities were used to Work on oneself. In general, he encouraged and taught all members of his groups to apply Work in ordinary life.

Today, group meetings are held weekly at several locations, including New York City and Warwick. Classes in the Gurdjieff movements are held weekly in Warwick. The group continues to hold weekend workdays at the Barn, which provides an opportunity to practice the Gurdjieff Work in a simple setting. Members from across the United States meet at the Barn every Fall for an Intensive Work period.

Introductory meetings on the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff are held in Manhattan and Warwick, NY every few months.

Persons wishing to attend should contact the Chardavogne Barn office at 845-258-4655 or email   for location and directions.