1. If there is a GOD, why is there suffering, and if there is no GOD, why do I search?
  2. I am so critical of others, why do I leave myself out of the picture3. After running after an aim, why does it always seem ahead of me, and when I reach something, there is always a new desire awaiting me?
  3. Why are we looking for the truth but bending honesty to appear better?
  4. Why if I have strived to be here, do I start looking for the next “there” before arriving at “here”?
  5. Why do I hang on to the hurts I’ve received from others, but brush off the hurts I’ve caused?
  6. Why do I sometimes feel that my rudder is not working and I’m aimlessly drifting in my life?

If you have asked yourself some of these questions and others like them you might be interested in the ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff. He will not give you the answers but he will furnish you with the tools to find answers for yourself.


  1. I was part of Mr. Nyland’s group in NYC and then the Barn when the NYC groups were disbanded. Joseph Azize gave a bad review to Willem A. Nyland, “The 1500 Series” which is a shame. However, it seems to me that your group should post more SoundClouds of Mr. Nyland’s talks (Thanks for the one on your site. It reminded me of how inspiring he was.) I would especially like to hear 29 October 1969, memorial for the 20th anniversary of Gurdjieff’s death in NYC. I was there and I wish I could hear it again. Those times were precious to me at age 22. He was much more inspiring than Bennett.

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