Jacques Hemsi: A life in Work and Craftmaking

Jacques Hemsi met Mr. Nyland in 1969 and has been active in the Chardavogne Barn Gurdjieff group ever since. As a lifelong master jeweler, he has encouraged many people in the group to explore and experience the profound relationship between craftmaking and Work on oneself in practical terms. Beyond that he has helped to maintain vibrant activities and an essential aliveness within the group for many years since Mr. Nyland put it all in motion. Late one night during the group’s summer Work week in Warwick, NY, he sat down in his kitchen with Doug Sprei for a conversation about his early experiences and present day outlook on Work in daily life.

Jacques Hemsi soldering a silver enneagram for a group craft project
Jacques Hemsi in 2020
Jacques and Doug preparing lunch in the Barn kitchen, Work week 2022

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  1. I’m grateful for hearing this podcast in particular as Jacques and Ethel were keys that opened the connection to the Work. Although it’s been 18 yes since attending the Intensive at the Barn, Jack and I are partners in the Work..
    Are the tapes of Mr Nyland still available to borrow? Are they available in an accessible format?
    Wishing for further connections .
    Regards, Susan and Jano

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