“By Centuries Rooted In Me”

Why Gurdjieff Now highlights a conversation with Michael NearCynthia Kosut, and Robert Kosut, conducted in May 2019 during a group Intensive Work period in Northern California. All three were students of Mr. Nyland during the incredibly active latter period of his life dedicated to helping the group take root in upstate New York and California. Their look back at the extraordinary activities and demands of that time serves up insights into how the teachings of Gurdjieff resonate today.

Note: if you detect the buzz of a chainsaw at times during this recording, your ears are good! Such ambience is natural during a Work day in the Northern California forest. Negotiations with the chainsaw’s master produced more sparks than the chainsaw itself, which is also natural in such situations. 😉

Above: Cynthia Kosut with Mr. Nyland in Warwick, NY
Top Photo: Michael Near with Mr. Nyland at the Barn
Below: Robert Kosut and Michael Near, early 1970s

Bottom: Robert and Cynthia Kosut in recent times


  1. I met Mr. Nyland in the summer of 1968 at the Barn. I had just turned 15. I belonged to a group near San Jose, that was directed by the man who introduced me to The Work, Art Andrews. Thank you Mr. Andrews!

  2. Thank you for speaking about your experiences. The Mr. Nyland Group for Philadelphia/Atlanta/International Members received a call from a potential new member. Thank you

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