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Nyland Group in Washington DC/Northern Virginia

“You don’t have to apologize for your mechanicality.” –Mr. Nyland

For those with interest in the ideas of Gurdjieff, particularly as we learn to apply them in Mr. Nyland’s groups, introductory and more advanced dialogues are offered on Zoom and in person. Your sincere wish and personal reading of Gurdjieff’s writings are the only prerequisites.

I joined the Chardavogne Barn group in 1979; Mr. Nyland’s rigorous transmission of Gurdjieff’s ideas has been my home base since then. I also lived/worked with Louise March from 1982-1987; and through apprenticing with her at the Rochester Folk Art Guild, worked with leaders of Gurdjieff Foundations around the world. Becoming conversant with diverse approaches and ‘languages’ of Gurdjieff’s teachings… I’ve come to appreciate differences while discovering profound resonances. I find agreement with Gurdjieff’s maxim:

“All roads lead to Philadelphia.”

The pandemic has got our group as a whole conducting many meetings around the U.S. and abroad on Zoom these days, which brings fresh opportunities and challenges. On the local front, if you live in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area and would like to meet, chances are we’ll get on Zoom together and talk about your interest, and maybe meet in person after that if conditions permit. Our local satellite group has lately blended into the larger Nyland group, giving members a chance to connect and Work with other members near and far.

Those of us who moderate meetings and work with newcomers are inspired by the Fifth Obligolnian Striving (and the four Strivings preceding it) cited in Beelzebub’s Tales. I hope we can convey some of the warmth, inclusiveness, and clarity of Mr. Nyland’s transmission of Gurdjieff’s ideas, and by that make them useful to all who wish to apply them in daily life.

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