Gurdjieff’s Teaching in W.A. Nyland’s Groups

Georges Gurdjieff
By Janet Flanner-Solita Solano papers.

George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff taught that human beings are only partially developed and that consciousness, conscience and will are not given to us freely, but must be acquired by intentional efforts. His system of self-development calls for the application in daily life of a specific method of “Work on oneself.” Gurdjieff emphasized the need for undertaking this Work with others who share a common aim.

Willem A. Nyland was a student and teacher of Gurdjieff’s Ideas for over 50 years. Acting on direct instructions from Gurdjieff, Mr. Nyland taught and inspired numerous people from all walks of life, opening up for them a wide range of spiritual possibilities.

Today, the groups of W. A. Nyland continue to provide a vital source for the study and practice of Gurdjieff’s ideas. We emphasize the practical application of Gurdjieff’s teachings in the midst of everyday life. We meet regularly to discuss the ideas and how to apply them; we hold workdays where we can practice Work during simple physical activities; and we take part in the sacred dances Gurdjieff called “Movements.” Meetings, workdays, and movements are all led by experienced members.

In addition, Mr. Nyland recorded many meetings in which he answered questions and explained Gurdjieff’s ideas in detail. This material is available to group members. In maintaining the integrity and aliveness of Work, Mr. Nyland passed on an important legacy to those with a sincere wish for their own development.

If you have an interest in the application of Gurdjieff’s ideas, we welcome your inquiries. Please visit Nyland Gurdjieff Group Contacts for further information.

About Mr. Nyland's Groups

Mr. Nyland
Mr. Nyland

“I hope you have questions, I hope that as you continue to come to these meetings so that you can profit by what other people are saying, that they will give rise in you to a thought, or a feeling, or a continuation of considering yourself as you are and as you gradually become acquainted with yourself. That it might help you, that, in time, you will be able to make certain decisions which before you did not dare to make, that you have more and more a strength of character; a reason more and more of seeing why you happen to be alive, and that you can recognize other forms of life in other beings.” – Mr. Nyland, from M2263

Mr. Gurdjieff taught that we need others to help us in our struggle. At the same time, inner development can only come from our own efforts. Sharing our experiences provides the basis for group work. Being part of a group shows us all types of people and helps us develop compassion. It provides stimulation and useful friction and helps create an environment in which we can take our place at the table. Responsibility for our spiritual growth remains with each of us but is fed by our involvement with others.

In the late 1960s, Mr. Nyland established a center in Warwick, NY, where he purchased property now known as Chardavogne Barn. He also purchased property near San Francisco, California now known as The Land. At these and other locations he conducted meetings, Gurdjieff movements, and workdays for physical activities. Mr. Nyland’s groups continue with such activities directed by long-term students of Mr. Nyland.