By receiving this material you have incurred certain responsibilities regarding it.

This insert is to clarify those obligations.

 • You are expected to protect the material from use by anyone outside Mr. Nyland’s active group members and to only share it with permission from your group leader or the compiler of the material.

 • You are expressly forbidden to publish, share digitally, copy, or modify the material in any way. (If you have received the material in order to work on it for the Group files, please only do the job — proofing or transcribing — that you have been asked to do.)

Mr. Nyland felt that the material in his talks and writings was only useful when it could be discussed among active members of his group and only when a person was ready for such material. The material can very easily be misunderstood and misused, which could be detrimental to one’s spiritual growth. This is what he wrote:

This concerns you before you intend to read this booklet or listen to this recording and even more so after you have read this page.

This booklet or recording is loaned or given to you with the following conditions:

I would like you to read or listen to it when you are alone and quiet.

Do not hurry.

My suggestion to you, and you have to assure me that you will follow this honestly, is not to have anyone else’s eyes or ears see these pages and read them or listen to this recording. Therefore you cannot leave it around. With other words, keep it in a safe place.

It is not to be copied or sent or given to anyone else by any means.

Moreover I would prefer you not to discuss it with others, only in case they also have read it or heard it.

This is like a pledge to yourself.

W. A. Nyland