Northern California Presentation – Mr. Nyland & Gurdjieff Work

Many Rivers Books & Tea
Presentation about Gurdjieff at Many Rivers Books & Tea

Newsflash for friends in northern California: a presentation about Mr. Nyland and the Gurdjieff Work will be given by our long-time group members, Robert and Cynthia Kosut. They’ll use material from recently published “1500 Series” book. All are welcome!

Date/time: Feb. 15 at 7 pm

Place: Many Rivers Book & Tea

130 South Main St. , Sebastopol, CA 95472

Why Gurdjieff Now: A Conversation With Donna Spector

An accomplished playwright, poet, and educator, Donna Spector is also a long-time member of Mr. Nyland’s groups and teacher of the Gurdjieff Movements. In May 2019, she sat down with host Doug Sprei for a conversation recorded during a Work intensive period held in Northern California. Here she warmly recounts her early impressions of coming into the group and meeting Mr. Nyland, and shares how Gurdjieff’s Work finds expression in her life and work today.