Warwick, NY- Open Work Day 7/7/18

OPEN WORK DAY at CHARDAVOGNE BARN: Experience an introduction to the spiritual ideas of G.I. Gurdjieff and their practical application.

On Saturday, July 7, an open Work Day will be held at Chardavogne Barn in Warwick, New York (60 miles north of New York City). The day will include discussion of aims and ideas; group activities such as gardening, construction, cooking and crafts; performances of Gurdjieff music; and conversations about Gurdjieff’s methods and Movements (sacred dance). Lunch will be served.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the nurturing conditions of group Work in an atmosphere encouraging personal search and exploration of Gurdjieff’s ideas. To reserve a space click here,

call (845) 258-4655 or (845) 258-0061

or email